Santa Marta, considered the oldest city in South America, is privileged by its natural, historical, and cultural patrimony which makes this city the perfect destination to enjoy, stay and return.

Santa Marta is a fun destination with natural beauty, enhanced by its network of unique habitats and stunning crystal clear beaches, where sailors can easily see the coast of Santa Marta from the sea, as opposed to the eternal snows of the Sierra Nevada. In addition, other breath-taking beaches such as Chengue, Neguanje, and Bahía Concha can be found in as little as 10 minutes, ideal locations for ecological tourism and nautical sports tourism.

Marina Santa Marta is located in an area away from hurricane phenomenon that affects the Caribbean every year. This is due to the location of the Sierra Nevada that reduces the trade winds, producing a dry climate with minimal salinity, which favors the ships' maintenance.

VHF Contact Channel– 72 Marine Operation and 16 Coast-Guard


On behalf of the Management and Marina Santa Marta staff, we are pleased to welcome you to Santa Marta, Colombia.

Marina Santa Marta, located in Colombia’s north coast with the Caribbean Sea, is home of an impressive variety of recreational vessels and sport boats as well as mega yachts. Santa Marta and its surroundings include pristine beaches and abundant ecological activities such as horseback riding and walks with deeply ingrained historical elements.

Feel free to contact us if there is anything we can do to make your stay a memorable one in the beautiful Colombian city of Santa Marta; it will be our pleasure. We are here to make sure you have a one of a kind experience!


General Manager

Marina Santa Marta


Marina Santa Marta, as a private multipurpose marina, is designed to support national and international sailors in their voyages across the Caribbean, through their sportive, touristic, and recreational services, in the search of the nautical, sportive, ecological, historic and cultural tourism backed by a qualified and professional human talent in high-level technological facilities, which stand out for the highest quality standards, excellence in the service and prompt support to our clients and visitors.

Our social and environmental commitment with the regional and national community is proven with the generation of decent work, conservation of natural resources and the good image of the region and Country in the eyes of the visitor, geared towards the search for mutual profitability.


To be the most important Marina of the Caribbean competing with international quality. Becoming the first and most attractive meeting point in Colombia, placing us in the most gratifying place in the memories and hearts of our customers and visitors.

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