Santa Marta Heliport

Santa Marta is a destination that is increasingly in the eyes of people seeking high-level tourism, full of luxury and unforgettable experiences. This is due to several things, among which the infrastructure and services aimed at this population that are arriving at "The Pearl of America" stand out. It is for this reason that Marina Santa Marta has a heliport in Santa Marta. located throughout the Caribbean Sea.

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Helipuerto helipuerto en Santa Marta
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Geographical coordinates:

  • Long. 74º 13' 04.7" W
  • Lat. 11º 14' 37.3.7" N
  • Elevation: 3 feet
  • Height: 1 meter
  • Strip Width - FATO: 16 meters
  • TLOF: 16x16
  • Orientation: 18-36
  • Platform: Level
  • Surface: Rigid Pavement
  • Class: H - 1A
  • Use: Private
  • P.B.M.O .: 5600 kg

This heliport in Santa Marta is available to all visitors and travelers who need it.

The heliport in Santa Marta is located specifically in the Santa Marta International Marina; which has a strategic and perfect location to get to know one of the most important and beautiful cities in the history of Colombia.

The International Navy heliport measures 16 x 16 meters and has a capacity for helicopters up to 5.6 tons.

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